A production planning tool that takes account of scarce resouces and planning sub-assemblies to be ready on time for final assembly.


A software tool for managing plant. As well as a comprehensive data storage feature, STOMP boasts a powerful vehicle and plant maintenance scheduling engine. Items can be scheduled for maintenance on a regular time basis or by miles travelled. The engine attempts to schedule an item for maintenance on its due date. A set of rules are tested and the item is scheduled for maintenance only if all rules are passed. The user can set any rule on or off for any item.

Standard rules are:

Rule 1. No scheduling at weekend.

Rule 2. No scheduling on days marked as holiday.

Rule 3. No scheduling during the period immediately prior to an M.O.T inspection.

Rules 4, 5, and 6. These rules apply to workshops and can be used flexibly to restrict, for example, the number of vehicles in a worshop on any one day; the number of these that are allowed to be diesel engines; the number of vehicles requiring the use of a special piece of equipment (e.g. heavy duty hoist).

Rule 7. Vehicles belonging to the same group must all be scheduled on the same day.

Rule 8. Vehicles belonging to the same group must not be scheduled on the same day.

Other custom rules are possible.